Date d'affichage 5 Août 2011

Last weekend John and I went to Toronto to visit his family. We stayed with his brother, Joe, near High Park. I just wanted to write a post to say that Toronto is great. I know, I know, that might be sacrilege for a Montrealer to say, but getting beyond civic pride and taking an objective look at things, well, it's true: Toronto is a great place.

First of all, High Park is a big, beautiful bit of nature, right in the city. Mont Royal is nice, and I suppose by height it is much bigger, but High Park reminds me more of Central Park. It even has a zoo! (see photo of sheep)

Of course, there is the shopping. We went to some cool furniture stores on Queen street, and, while we didn't quite find what we were looking for (a smallish tv table), they did have a lot of nice things that you can't find in Montreal. For example, these Eames chairs are hard to find here. You may be able to get them in the old port...Anyway, they were all over the place in TO. In fact, John's aunt even found one on the street! I guess that's sort of a weird example, but it struck me!

Speaking of the family, indeed we went to John's aunt and uncle's place and had an amazing BBQ roast. Great job Kenton! And of course, their daughter is the cutest thing ever, especially since she is at the age where her crying jags are peppered with existential questions such as: "Why?!" and "What's going on?" Even Toronto's babies are hip now!

Of course I love Montreal, even if the tunnels are collapsing, the streets are swallowing entire buses, and construction crews are pitching concrete blocks at drivers. But I think people should give Toronto another chance. Go there, check out the city. It's actually a pretty fun place.


Sheep in a box!

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